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Animal feed is the food given to domestic animals in the course of animal rearing. It plays an important role in the food chain and has implications for the composition and quality of livestock products, such as meat, milk, cheese and eggs, that millions of people consume on a daily basis. It is important to feed animals with the best quality food to ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals and protein necessary to produce the highest quality products, and to pass that quality onto the consumer.


Livestock are fed a wide variety of products, and the most popular ones include (but are not limited to): barley, beet pulp, citrus pulp, corn flour, guar, maize, malt, millet, oats, oilseed, palm kernels, rapeseed, soya beans, sunflower and wheat.


Farmers use a combination of these products, and others, to produce the desired blend of nutrition that will encourage speedy and healthy growth in the animals, and optimise the taste of their livestock products, as well as providing a palatable source of nutrition for the animals.

The different types of feed have specific nutritional value, with many having a particularly high protein content, such as oilseed, soybean, rapeseed, palm kernel and sugar beet. The protein provides the animals with the necessary means to grow and produce great-tasting milk and eggs efficiently, while the maize and cereal products have high starch and energy content. Many of these products are also available in pellet form, offering a concentrated blend of the livestock’s’ dietary requirements.

At AP Commodities, we aim to find buyers the right products to suit their needs. We are involved in all products used in the Feedstuff chain, sourced from the America’s, Europe, Egypt and the CIS.

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