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Sugar & Ethanol

Sugars are a class of carbohydrates and thus one source of food energy.  Around the world sugar is consumed in abundance, as a sweetener for tea, coffee and other hot drinks, to add flavour to food, as a preservative and in soft drinks and energy drinks, to name but a few.


Sugar can be produced from two different plants, sugarcane and sugar beet.  The sugar produced by the two plants is the same, but the plants grow in different conditions.  Sugarcane growth is closely related to temperature and rainfall, and the ideal climate for growth is a long, warm growing season with temperature above 30°C, and total rainfall between 1,100mm and 1,500mm, with high exposure to sunlight.

For these reasons sugarcane is mainly grown in South America, Southeast Asia and India.


Whereas sugarcane is a sun-loving plant grown above the ground, beet is grown below the ground, and in cooler climates with ideal annual rainfall around 60-65cm of rainfall. Sugar beet can be grown in more testing conditions and is produced in Europe, USA, China and Russia, among other countries.


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